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uk /stʌd/ us /stʌd/

stud noun (HORSE)

[ C ] specialized horses a group of animals, especially high-quality horses, kept for breeding

David Grenfell runs a 170-acre stud farm in Co. Wexford, Ireland. 戴维‧格伦费尔在爱尔兰的韦克斯福德郡经营着一个170英亩的种马场。
put (out) to stud

kept for breeding

The Derby winner Generous will be put to stud at the end of the season. 德比赛马的获胜者“慷慨”在本赛季结束后将会作为种马留在英国。

stud noun (MAN)

[ C ] slang a man who is considered to be attractive and skilled sexually

He thinks he's a real stud. 他自认为是个风流情种。

stud noun (DECORATION)

[ C usually plural ] a small nail or piece of metal, with a large, rounded top, that is attached to the surface of something, usually for decoration


stud noun (JEWELLERY)

[ C ] a small piece of metal jewellery that is put through a part of your body such as your ear or nose

gold studs 金耳钉
a nose stud 鼻插

stud noun (BOOT)

[ C ] UK US cleat any of the small, pointed objects that stick out from the bottom of some boots and shoes used in particular sports, for example football


stud noun (FASTENER)

[ C ] UK also collar stud a fastener made from two small flat parts joined together by a short bar, used for clothing, especially in the past to fix collars onto shirts

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stud noun (TYRE)

[ C ] US a small piece of metal, many of which are attached to special tyres used for driving in the snow


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