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suggestionnoun [ C or U ]

uk /səˈdʒes.tʃən/ us /səˈdʒes.tʃən/

B1 an idea, plan, or action that is suggested or the act of suggesting it

I don't know what to wear tonight - do you have any suggestions? 我不知道今晚该穿什么——你有什么建议吗?
She made some very helpful suggestions but her boss rejected them all. 她提了些很有帮助的建议,但被她的老板全部否定了。
[ + that ] They didn't like my suggestion that we should all share the cost. 他们不喜欢我提出的费用分摊的建议。
I have a few favourite restaurants that I tend to go back to, but I'm always open to new suggestions (= willing to try new ones that people suggest). 我有几家很喜欢的餐馆,常常会去光顾,但有新的提议的话,我也很乐意换换口味。
I went to the Park Street dentist's at Ann's suggestion (= as a result of Ann suggesting it) and I was really impressed. 我听从安的建议去了帕克街的牙医诊所,结果发现真的很不错。

communication of an idea without stating it directly

the suggestion of his guilt 暗示他的罪行

a very small amount of something

a suggestion of an Irish accent 微微有些爱尔兰人的口音

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