Translation of "sun" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ S or U ] uk /sʌn/ us /sʌn/

A1 the star that provides light and heat for the earth and around which the earth moves:

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. 太阳东升西落。
The sun's rays are at their most powerful at midday. 正午时分阳光最强烈。
We thought we'd go out for a walk while the sun was shining. 我们想我们应该趁着阳光好的时候出去散散步。

A1 the light or heat that the earth receives from the sun:

I think I've had too much sun today - I have a headache. 我想我今天晒太阳晒得有点多了——我觉得头痛。
Let's go and sit out in the sun. 我们到外面阳光下坐坐好吗?
verb uk /sʌn/ us /sʌn/
sun yourself

to lie or sit somewhere where there is a lot of sun, especially in order to make your skin darker

I sat on the balcony sunning myself. 我坐在阳台上晒太阳。

written abbreviation for Sunday


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