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sunshinenoun [ U ]

uk /ˈsʌn.ʃaɪn/ us /ˈsʌn.ʃaɪn/

sunshine noun [ U ] (LIGHT)

B1 the light and heat that come from the sun

The children were out playing in the sunshine. 孩子们正在外面太阳下玩耍。

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sunshine noun [ U ] (PLEASURE)

informal happiness or pleasure

Their grandchildren have brought sunshine into their lives. 他们的孙辈给他们的生活带来了快乐。

mainly UK informal used as a form of address, either in a friendly way, or to express unwillingness to accept another person's delays, bad behaviour, etc.

Hello, sunshine! 你好,亲爱的!
Come on, sunshine, get to work. 快点儿,亲爱的,赶紧走吧。

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