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supplyverb [ T ]

uk /səˈplaɪ/ us /səˈplaɪ/

B2 to provide something that is wanted or needed, often in large quantities and over a long period of time

Electrical power is supplied by underground cables. 电力是由地下电缆输送的。
Three people have been arrested for supplying arms to the terrorists. 有3个人因为向恐怖分子提供武器而被捕。
The company has supplied the royal family (= provided them with something they need) for years. 多年来该公司一直为皇室供货。
At the beginning of termthe semester, students are supplied with a list of books that they are expected to read. 在学期初,学生们拿到了一份阅读书目清单。

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uk /səˈplaɪ/ us /səˈplaɪ/

[ C or U ] an amount of something that is available for use

Whenever she goes out with her baby, she always takes a large supply of baby food with her. 每次她带孩子出门,总会带上大量的婴儿食品。
In the capital, demand for cheap housing far outstrips supply (= what is provided). 在伦敦,廉价房远远供不应求。
supplies B2 [ plural ]

food or other things necessary for living

The refugees are urgently in need of food and medical supplies. 难民急需食品和医疗用品。

B2 an amount of something available

Extensive mining has reduced the supplies of coal in the area. 大量开采,已减少了该地区的煤炭供应量。
the gas, electricity, etc. supply

the system used for supplying gas, electricity, etc. to people

Someone has turned off the electricity supply. 有人切断了供电系统。
in short supply

If something is in short supply, there is little of it available.

Strawberries are in short supply this summer. 目前,草莓供应不足。

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