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also swath uk /sweɪð/ us /sweɪð/

swathe noun (AREA)

[ C ] a long strip or large area especially of land

Huge swathes of rainforest are being cleared for farming and mining. 为了耕种和采矿,大片大片的雨林被砍伐。

[ S ] literary a large part of something that includes several different things

These people represent a broad/wide swathe of public opinion. 这些人代表了广大人民的意见。

swathe noun (CLOTH)

[ C ] a long strip of cloth

His head was wrapped in swathes of bandages. 他的头上缠着绷带。

swatheverb [ T ]

uk /sweɪð/ us /sweɪð/

to wrap around or cover with cloth

He came out of the hospital swathed in bandages. 他从医院出来时身上缠满了绷带。
I love to swathe (= dress) myself in silk. 我喜欢穿丝绸做的衣服。

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