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uk /swɪl/ us /swɪl/

swill verb (MOVE LIQUID)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to cause a liquid to flow around or over something, often in order to clean it

The dentist handed me a glass of water to swill my mouth out with. 牙医递给我一杯水漱口。

swill verb (DRINK)

[ T ] informal often disapproving to drink, especially alcohol, quickly and in large amounts



uk /swɪl/ us /swɪl/

swill noun (FOOD)

UK also pigswill [ U ] waste human food that is fed to pigs


swill noun (LIQUID)

[ S ] UK the movement of liquid over or around something, often in order to clean it

Give the sink a quick swill to get it clean. 赶快把水槽冲干净。

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