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uk /ˈsɪm.pə.θi/ us /ˈsɪm.pə.θi/

sympathy noun (UNDERSTANDING)

B2 [ U ] (an expression of) understanding and care for someone else's suffering

The president has sent a message of sympathy to the relatives of the dead soldiers. 总统已经向阵亡士兵的家属发去了唁电。
I don't have much sympathy for her - I think she's brought her troubles on herself. 我不太同情她——我觉得她是在自找麻烦。
offer/send your sympathies formal

to express your sadness to someone because a relation or friend of theirs has recently died

I went along to the funeral in order to offer my sympathies. 我去参加了葬礼以表吊慰。

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sympathy noun (SUPPORT)

C2 [ U ] support and agreement

I must confess I have some sympathy with his views. 我必须承认我比较赞同他的观点。
sympathies [ plural ]


Of those people questioned, 93 percent said their sympathies were with the teachers. 接受调查的人当中有93%表示支持教师。
He is known to have right-wing sympathies. 大家都知道他支持右翼。
come out in sympathy with sb UK

to stop working in order to show your support for other workers who are on strike

The railway workers came out in sympathy with the miners. 铁路工人加入了罢工,声援煤矿工人。

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