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uk /ˈsɪs.təm/ us /ˈsɪs.təm/

system noun (SET)

B1 [ C ] a set of connected things or devices that operate together

a central heating system 中央供暖系统

B1 [ C ] a set of computer equipment and programs used together for a particular purpose

The system keeps crashing and no one is able to figure out why. 系统老是崩溃,谁也不知道是为什么。

C2 [ C ] a set of organs or structures in the body that have a particular purpose

the immune system 免疫系统
the nervous system 神经系统

[ C ] the way that the body works, especially the way that it digests food and passes out waste products

A run in the morning is good for the system - it wakes the body up and gets everything going. 晨跑对身体很好——它能唤醒整个身体,使各个部分运转起来。

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system noun (METHOD)

B2 [ C ] a way of doing things

We'll have to develop a better filing system. 我们必须设计出一套适当的归档方法。
Under this system, many people were prevented from voting.
The legal system operates very differently in the US and Britain. 美国和英国的法制体系相去甚远。

B2 [ C ] a particular method of counting, measuring, or weighing things

the metric system of measuring and weighing 公制度量体系

[ U ] approving the intentional and organized use of a system

There doesn't seem to be any system to the books on these shelves - they're certainly not in alphabetical order. 这些架子上的书摆放得似乎没有任何条理——它们肯定不是按字母顺序放置的。
the system disapproving

unfair laws and rules that prevent people from being able to improve their situation

He has his own ways of beating the system, making sure that he has good relationships with influential people. 他对付当前的制度自有一套办法,就是和有权有势的人搞好关系。

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