Translation of "system" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (SET) 一套 uk us /ˈsɪs.təm/

a set of connected things or devices which operate together

a central-heating system 中央供暖系统

a set of computer equipment and programs used together for a particular purpose

The system keeps crashing and no one is able to figure out why. 系统老是崩溃,谁也不知道是为什么。

a set of organs or structures in the body which have a particular purpose

the immune system 免疫系统
the nervous system 神经系统

the way that the body works, especially the way that it digests and passes out waste products

A run in the morning is good for the system - it wakes the body up and gets everything going. 晨跑对身体很好——它能唤醒整个身体,使各个部分运转起来。

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