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uk /ˈteɪ.bəl/ us /ˈteɪ.bəl/

table noun (FURNITURE)

A1 [ C ] a flat surface, usually supported by four legs, used for putting things on


[ + sing/pl verb ] the people sitting at a table

There was a really noisy table behind us celebrating someone's birthday. 我们后面的一桌人在给人庆祝生日,吵吵闹闹的。
set the table

B1 UK also lay the table to put a cloth, knives, and forks, etc. on the table in preparation for a meal

Could you set the table for lunch, please? 你来摆下餐桌准备吃午饭好吗?

More examples

  • They sat round the dinner table, arguing about politics.
  • Come to the table everybody - supper's ready.
  • He came in with four shopping bags and dumped them on the table.
  • He lived in a room with only two chairs, a bed and a table.
  • I'll just get a sponge and wipe the crumbs off the table.

table noun (INFORMATION)

B1 [ C ] an arrangement of facts and numbers in rows or blocks, especially in printed material


[ C ] a multiplication table

table of contents

a list of the information that is contained in a book



  • He consulted a table of tide times.
  • All the figures are arranged in this table.
  • We learned about the table of elements.
  • This table shows population increase.

tableverb [ T ]

uk /ˈteɪ.bəl/ us /ˈteɪ.bəl/

UK to suggest something for discussion

An amendment to the proposal was tabled by Mrs James. 该项提案的修正案是詹姆斯夫人提交讨论的。

US to delay discussion of a subject

The suggestion was tabled for discussion at a later date. 这一提议被留待日后讨论。

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