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tailnoun [ C ]

uk /teɪl/ us /teɪl/

tail noun [ C ] (ANIMAL)

B2 a part of an animal's body, sticking out from the base of the back, or something similar in shape or position

The dog wagged its tail excitedly. 那条狗兴奋地摇着尾巴。

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tail noun [ C ] (PERSON FOLLOWING)

informal someone who follows another person to discover where that person goes, what they do, etc.


tail noun [ C ] (COIN SIDE)

tails [ U ]

the side of a coin that does not have a picture of someone's head on it


tail noun [ C ] (JACKET)

tails [ plural ]

a tailcoat


tailverb [ T ]

uk /teɪl/ us /teɪl/

to follow and watch someone very closely, especially in order to get information secretly

That car has been tailing me for the last ten minutes. 那辆车一直在跟踪我,跟了有10分钟了。

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