Translation of "take" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (ACT) 行动 uk us /teɪk/ (took, taken)

to do or perform

The Archbishop took our service of thanksgiving. 大主教为我们主持了感恩祈祷仪式。
Shelley is taking (= studying) economics at university. 谢莉在大学里读经济学。
UK Mr Marshall takes us for (= teaches us) physics. 马歇尔先生教我们物理。

used with many nouns to make a verb phrase that is equal in meaning to the related verb

I think we'll take a break (= we'll stop for a break) there. 我想我们将在那儿休息一会儿。
If you're tired you should take a rest (= you should rest). 如果累了你就应该休息一下。
I always like to take a walk (= to walk) after lunch. 午饭后我总喜欢散散步。

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