Translation of "tap" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb uk /tæp/ us /tæp/ -pp-

B2 [ I or T ] to hit something gently, and often repeatedly, especially making short, sharp noises

The branches tapped against the window. 树枝轻轻敲打着窗户。
I could hear him tapping his fingers on the desk. 我能听见他用手指轻叩桌子的声音。
I was tapping my feet (= hitting the floor gently with my feet) to the music. 我随着音乐用脚打着拍子。
Someone tapped me on the shoulder. 有人轻轻拍我的肩膀。

[ I or T ] to touch the screen of a phone, tablet computer, etc. in order to give an instruction for something to happen :

You can manage the repeat and shuffle options by tapping the screen once and swiping to the left.
When I tapped on the update button, the screen went blank.
GET 获得

[ T ] to get or make use of something

For more than a century, Eastern cities have expanded their water supplies by tapping ever more remote sources. 一个多世纪以来,东部的城市通过开发更偏远地区的水源,扩大了水的供应。
There is a rich vein of literary talent here just waiting to be tapped by publishers. 众多文学才俊会聚于此,等待着出版商慧眼识珠。

[ T ] to use a small device attached to a phone in order to listen secretly to what people are saying

He suspected that his phone had been tapped. 他怀疑自己的电话被人窃听了。
noun uk /tæp/ us /tæp/

B1 [ C ] UK US faucet a device that controls the flow of liquid, especially water, from a pipe

the hot/cold tap 热水/冷水龙头
Turn the tap on/off. 打开/关掉水龙头

[ C ] UK a device that controls the flow of gas from a pipe

on tap

used to describe beer that is served from a barrel through a tap


available for use at any time

Working in a library as I do, I have all this information on tap. 我在图书馆工作,可以随时查阅所有这些资料。

B2 [ C ] a gentle knock or touch, or the noise made by knocking something gently

I gave her a tap on the shoulder and she turned around. 我轻轻拍了她的肩一下,她回过头来。
There was a tap on the window - Dad was outside! 有人轻轻敲了一下窗子--是爸爸在外面!

[ U ] →  tap dancing

He teaches tap and ballroom. 他教人跳踢踏舞和社交舞。

[ C ] a small piece of equipment that can be attached to a phone in order to listen secretly to someone's phone calls

He claims that he knew nothing of government phone taps on journalists during those years. 他宣称自己对那几年政府监听记者电话的事一无所知。

[ C ] specialized phonetics a sound made by the tongue moving upwards and downwards very quickly and hitting the alveolar area

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