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taxnoun [ C or U ]

uk /tæks/ us /tæks/

B1 (an amount of) money paid to the government that is based on your income or the cost of goods or services you have bought

They're increasing the tax on cigarettes. 他们要提高烟草税。
Tax cuts (= reductions in taxes) are always popular. 减税总是受欢迎的。
What do you earn before/after tax (= before/after you have paid tax on the money you earn)? 你的税前/税后收入是多少?

More examples

  • A person's gross income is the money they earn before tax is deducted from it.
  • The government have promised that they'll reduce taxes.
  • The government will pay for the new schools by increasing the tax on luxury goods.
  • Do you pay less tax if you're self-employed?
  • The Chancellor has increased the tax on alcohol again.

taxverb [ T ]

uk /tæks/ us /tæks/

tax verb [ T ] (MONEY)

C1 to make someone pay a tax

Husbands and wives may be taxed jointly/separately. 夫妻俩可以分别/合并纳税。

More examples

  • There was great opposition to plans to tax books.
  • All subjects were taxed by the king.
  • Any amount over this figure will be taxed.
  • She is not taxed on these earnings because they are so low.

tax verb [ T ] (NEED EFFORT)

to need someone to make a lot of effort, either physical or mental

He only has to read a short report - it shouldn't tax him too much. 他只需读一篇简短的报告——这应该不会耗费他太多精力的。

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