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uk /ˈten.dər/ us /ˈten.dɚ/

tender adjective (GENTLE)

C2 gentle, loving, or kind

a tender look/smile 温柔的眼神/微笑
What you need is some tender loving care. 你需要的是体贴入微的关怀。

tender adjective (PAINFUL)

(of part of the body) painful, sore, or uncomfortable when touched

My arm was very tender after the injection. 打针后我的胳膊一碰就疼。

tender adjective (SOFT)

C2 (of meat or vegetables) easy to cut or chew (= crush with the teeth)

My steak was beautifully tender. 我的牛排做得很嫩,好极了。

Tender plants are easily damaged by cold weather.


tender adjective (YOUNG)

C2 literary young

He was sent off to boarding school at the tender age of seven. 他在7岁就被送去上寄宿学校了。


uk /ˈten.dər/ us /ˈten.dɚ/

[ I ] If you tender for a job, you make a formal offer to do it for a stated price.

Five companies have tendered for the hospital contract. 已有5家公司投标承建该医院。

[ I ] specialized finance & economics If you tender for something such as shares, you make a formal offer to buy them for a stated price.


[ T ] formal to give or offer something

Please tender the exact fare. 请如数交费。
The health minister has tendered her resignation (= has offered to leave her job). 卫生部长已提交辞呈。

tendernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈten.dər/ us /ˈten.dɚ/

tender noun [ C ] (OFFER)

mainly UK US usually bid a written or formal offer to supply goods or do a job for an agreed price

The council has invited tenders for the building contract. 市政会已经为建筑工程招标了。

specialized finance & economics mainly UK US usually bid a written offer to buy or sell shares in a company

put sth out to tender UK

If you put work out to tender, you ask people to make offers to do it.

Education departments in all the prisons are being put out to tender. 现在正在对所有监狱的教管部门进行招标。

tender noun [ C ] (CONTAINER)

specialized engineering a vehicle used for transporting water, wood, or coal, especially one that is pulled behind a railway engine or used by the fire service


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