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uk /ˈtɜː.mɪ.nəl/ us /ˈtɝː.mə.nəl/

terminal adjective (ILLNESS)

(of a disease or illness) leading gradually to death

She has terminal cancer. 她患有晚期癌症。

A terminal patient is one who is seriously ill and will die soon.


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terminal adjective (EXTREME)

extreme, when referring to something unpleasant or negative

She claims that the shipbuilding industry is in terminal decline. 她声称造船业已经衰败到了极点。
UK He has nothing to do all day and is suffering from terminal boredom. 他终日无所事事,极其无聊。

terminalnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈtɜː.mɪ.nəl/ us /ˈtɝː.mə.nəl/

terminal noun [ C ] (BUILDING)

B2 the area or building at a station, airport, or port that is used by passengers leaving or arriving by train, aircraft, or ship

Terminal 3 is used mostly for domestic flights. 您乘坐的前往珀斯的航班将在4号航站楼起飞。

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terminal noun [ C ] (COMPUTER)

a piece of equipment consisting of a keyboard and screen, used for communicating with the part of a computer system that deals with information


terminal noun [ C ] (ELECTRICITY)

specialized electronics the point at which a connection can be made in an electric circuit


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