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uk /θred/ us /θred/

thread noun (FIBRE)

C2 [ C or U ] (a length of) a very thin fibre

needle and thread 针线
loose threads 松的线

[ C ] a long, thin line of something such as light or smoke

A thin thread of light made its way through the curtains. 一缕光线透过帘子射进来。

thread noun (CONNECTION)

C2 [ C ] The thread of a book, discussion, speech, etc. is its story or the way that it develops, one part connecting with another

One of the main threads of the film is the development of the relationship between the boy and his uncle. 电影的一条主线是男孩和他叔叔之间关系的发展。
The sound distracted me and I lost the thread of (= forgot) what I was saying. 遗憾的是我一时走神儿了,忘了刚才在说什么了。

C2 [ C ] a connected group of pieces of writing on the internet, where people are talking about a particular subject

I was so glad to find this thread, and to know that lots of people have the same problem as me! 我很高兴看到这张帖子,且发现很多人也有我同样的问题!

thread noun (SCREW)

[ C ] a continuous raised line, such as the one that goes around the outside of a screw or bolt or the inside of a hole


threadverb [ T ]

uk /θred/ us /θred/

thread verb [ T ] (NEEDLE)

C2 to put something long and thin such as string or thread through a narrow hole or into a small space

to thread a needle 穿针
The sari had gold strands threaded through the material. 这件莎丽的布料间穿上了金线。

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