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tie sb up

(NOT AVAILABLE) 无法脱身 phrasal verb with tie /taɪ/ verb (present tense tying, past tense and past participle tied)

When someone is tied up, they are busy or are prevented from doing something, such as speaking to someone or going somewhere, because they are involved in another event or activity

I'm afraid we can't meet till Wednesday - I'm tied up on Monday and Tuesday. 恐怕我们要到周三才能碰头——我周一和周二都脱不开身。
Mrs Moran is tied up in a meeting at the moment, but I'll ask her to call you later. 莫兰夫人现在正开会脱不开身,我会告诉她稍后给你打电话的。

(Translation of “tie sb up phrasal verb, verb (NOT AVAILABLE)” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Simplified) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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