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noun (SUITABLE POINT) 合适的时间点 uk us /taɪm/

[ S or U ] a particular point of the day, week, month, year, etc. that is suitable for a particular activity, or at which something is expected to happen

holiday time 假期
party time 聚会时间
Put your toys away now, it's time for bed. 现在收拾好玩具,该睡觉了。
It's time (that) I was leaving. 我该动身了。
[ + to infinitive ] Is it time to go home yet? 该回家了吗?
When would be a good time for me to call you? 我什么时候给你打电话合适?
This is not the time (= not a suitable moment) to be thinking about buying a house. 现在不是考虑买房子的时候。
This is no time (= not a suitable moment) to change your mind. 现在不是你改变主意的时候。
I feel that the time has come (= now is a suitable moment) for me to move on. 我觉得是我离开的时候了。
The repairs to the road were finished two weeks ahead of time (= sooner than was expected). 道路维修工程提前两星期完成了。
Why is it that the trains never run on time (= make their journeys in the expected number of hours, etc.)? 为什么火车从不准点?
She's grown old before her time (= sooner than she might have been expected to have done). 她过早地衰老了。
in time

early enough

I got home just in time - it's starting to rain. 我正好及时赶到家——随后就开始下雨了。
If we don't hurry up, we won't be in time to catch the train. 如果我们磨磨蹭蹭的,就不能及时赶上火车了。
We arrived in good time (= We arrived early) for the start of the match. 我们到得早,看到了比赛的开头。
(bang/dead/right) on time informal

happening or done at the particular moment that it was expected to happen or be done

The bus arrived dead on time. 公共汽车到站极为准时。
ahead of time mainly US

earlier than a particular moment

Let's meet for lunch. I'll call you ahead of time to fix up exactly when and where. 我们见面吃个午饭吧。我会提前打电话跟你定时间和地点。
about time (also high time) informal

If it is about time/high time that someone did something, it should have been done sooner or a long time ago

It's about time (that) the school improved its meals service. 学校早该改善膳食服务了。
It is high time for Europe to take responsibility for its own defence. 欧洲早该自行承担防御责任了。
about time (too) (also not before time) informal

said when someone does something or something happens that you think should have been done or have happened much sooner

"So Ben's finally found a job." "Yes, and about time too." “这么说,本终于找到工作了。”“对,早就该找到了。”

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