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timespreposition, predeterminer, adverb

uk /taɪmz/ us /taɪmz/

B2 multiplied by

Two times two equals four (2 × 2 = 4). 2乘2等于4。
The area of a rectangle is its height times its width. 长方形的面积等于长乘以宽。

timespredeterminer, adverb

uk /taɪmz/ us /taɪmz/

B1 used to show the difference in amount of two things, by multiplying one of them by the stated number

She earns five times as much as I do./She earns five times more than I do. 她挣的钱是我的5倍。
My foot swelled up to three times the normal size when it was stung by a wasp. 被黄蜂蜇了以后,我的脚比原来肿了两倍。
ten, a hundred, etc. times better, longer, etc. informal

much better, longer, etc.

This work is ten times better than the last piece you did. 这篇作品比你上次的那篇要好上10倍。

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