Translation of "tip the scales" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary

tip the scales

(also tip the balance)

If something tips the scales, it is the thing which causes a particular situation to happen or a particular decision to be made, when other situations or decisions are possible

The teams were evenly matched until two quick goals from Robson tipped the balance in favour of England. 两队本来势均力敌,直到罗布森很快攻入两球,形势开始变得对英格兰队有利。
She was a good candidate, but her lack of computer skills tipped the scales against her. 她本来是个不错的候选人,但她缺乏计算机技能,这对她很不利。

(Translation of “tip the scales” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Simplified) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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