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uk /tɒɡ/ us /tɑːɡ/

tog noun (UNIT)

[ C ] UK a unit of measurement showing the degree of warmth of a bed cover, especially a duvet


tog noun (CLOTHES)

togs [ plural ]

UK informal clothes

Get your togs on, love, then we can go. 亲爱的,穿上衣服我们走。

Australian English informal for swimming costume or swimming trunks



uk /tɒɡ/ us /tɑːɡ/ informal
be/get yourself togged up/out

UK to dress yourself in clothes that are specially for a particular occasion or activity

We got (ourselves) togged up in walking gear for the hike. 为了这次徒步旅行,我们穿上了步行装。
They were all togged out in dinner jackets and ballgowns. 他们都穿着晚礼服和舞会礼服。

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