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toolnoun [ C ]

uk /tuːl/ us /tuːl/

tool noun [ C ] (EQUIPMENT)

a piece of equipment that you use with your hands to make or repair something

power tools 电动工具
machine tools 机床

something that helps you to do a particular activity

A free low-interest credit card can be a useful budgeting tool. 一张免手续费的低息信用卡是一种有用的省钱的工具。
tool of the trade

A tool of the trade is something you need to use to do your job

The artist was surrounded by paints, brushes, and other tools of the trade.

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tool noun [ C ] (PERSON)

disapproving someone whose decisions and actions are unfairly controlled by others

The president was widely regarded as the tool of the military. 该总统被人们广泛视为军方的工具。

tool noun [ C ] (PENIS)

offensive a penis


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