Translation of "toy" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk us /tɔɪ/

an object for children to play with

a cuddly/soft/stuffed toy 可爱的/柔软的/填充玩具
a clockwork/wind-up toy 装有发条的玩具
a toy train/farm/soldier 玩具火车/农场/士兵
UK toy bricks (US toy blocks) 玩具积木
Put your toys away now - it's time for bed. 现在把玩具收拾好——该睡觉了。
Leave daddy's camera alone - it isn't a toy! 别碰爸爸的照相机——它不是玩具!

an object which is used by an adult for pleasure rather than for serious use

His latest toy is a mobile phone. 他的新玩意儿是一部手机。
She has several executive toys on her desk. 她桌上有几件行政人员用的玩意儿。

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