Translation of "trade" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ U ] (BUYING AND SELLING) 买卖 uk us /treɪd/

the activity of buying and selling, or exchanging, goods and/or services between people or countries

The country's trade in manufactured goods has expanded in the last ten years. 该国的工业品贸易在最近10年里扩大了规模。
Seventy per cent of the country's trade is with Europe. 该国70%的贸易是和欧洲做的。
The two countries have signed a trade agreement for one year only. 这两个国家签署了一项为期仅1年的贸易协定。

business activity

Since the supermarket opened, many small local shops have lost up to 50% of their trade. 自从这家超市开张后,当地许多小商店失去了一半的生意。
In hot weather, shops do a roaring/brisk trade in (= selling a lot of) cold drinks and ice creams. 天热时,商店里的冷饮和冰激凌卖得非常火爆。
This level of confidence in the economy is good for trade generally. 这种经济上的信任水平通常适合于进行贸易。

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