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uk /treɪn/ us /treɪn/

train noun (VEHICLE)

A1 [ C ] a railway engine connected tocarriages for carrying people or to wheeled containers for carrying goods

a goods/freight/passenger train 一列货运/客运列车
the train to/from Bristol 开往/发自布里斯托尔的列车
a train journey/station 乘火车旅行/火车站
Did you come by train? 你是乘火车来的吗?
She caught/took the train to Edinburgh. 她赶上了去爱丁堡的火车/她乘火车去爱丁堡。
Hurry up, or we'll miss (= arrive too late for) the train. 快点,不然我们就赶不上火车了。

train noun (SERIES)

train of thought/events

C2 a series of connected thoughts or events

What amazing train of thought led you from Napoleon to global warming? 是怎样的思路使你从拿破仑想到全球变暖?
The book describes the train of events that led up to the assassination. 这本书描述了导致暗杀的一连串事件。

[ C ] a line of animals, people, or things moving along together

a wagon train 马车队
a mule/camel train 骡/骆驼队

train noun (PART OF DRESS)

[ C ] the part of a long dress that spreads out onto the floor behind the person wearing it

an elaborate wedding dress with a long train 拖着长长的裙裾且做工精细的婚纱


uk /treɪn/ us /treɪn/

train verb (PREPARE)

B1 [ I or T ] to prepare someone or yourself for a job, activity, or sport, by learning skills and/or by mental or physical exercise

She trained as a pilot. 她接受过飞行训练。
[ + to infinitive ] John trained to be an accountant. 迈克难道不是在接受律师执业培训吗?
[ + to infinitive ] I had to train myself to be more assertive at work. 我必须锻炼自己,使自己在工作中更加自信。
She trained hard for the race, sometimes running as much as 60 miles a week. 她为参加赛跑比赛而刻苦训练,有时一周能跑60英里。
humorous I'm trying to train my kids to pick up after themselves. 我正尝试着训练我的男友偶尔做点儿家务。

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train verb (AIM)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] formal to aim or point a gun, camera, light, etc. at someone or something

With five guns suddenly trained on him, he was understandably nervous. 5把枪突然对准他时,他感到紧张也就不足为奇了。

train verb (DIRECT GROWTH)

[ T ] to direct the growth of a plant in a particular direction by cutting it and tying it

The vines were trained over an arch, providing shade as well as fruit. 葡萄藤被修整得在拱门上方生长,不仅结出果实还能遮阴。

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