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uk /ˈtræn.zi.ənt/ us /ˈtræn.zi.ʃənt/ formal

lasting for only a short time; temporary

A glass of whisky has only a transient warming effect. 一杯威士忌只能使人暖和一会儿。
The city has a large transient population (= many people who are living in it only temporarily). 这个城市有大量的暂住人口。

transientnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈtræn.zi.ənt/ us /ˈtræn.zi.ʃənt/ mainly US formal

someone who lives only temporarily in a place

It's an organization set up to provide money and help for transients. 这个组织建立的目的就是给暂住者提供钱款和帮助。

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