Translation of "transport" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ U ] (GOODS/PEOPLE) 货物/人 uk us /ˈtræn.spɔːt/ US  /-spɔːrt/

when people or goods are moved from one place to another

the transport of live animals 活体动物的运输
The company will arrange transport from the airport. 公司将安排从机场起的运输。

UK (US transportation) a system of vehicles, such as buses, trains, aircraft, etc. for getting from one place to another

the Department of Transport 交通部
investment in public transport (= buses, trains, etc. available for everyone to use) 对公共交通的投资
Do you have your own transport (= vehicle)? 你自己有车吗?
Bicycles are a cheap and efficient form of transport. 自行车是一种便宜而高效的交通工具。

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