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treadverb [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ]

uk /tred/ us /tred/ trod or US also treaded, trodden or US and Australian English also trod

C2 mainly UK to put your foot on something or to press something down with your foot

I kept treading on his toes when we were dancing. 我们俩跳舞时我老是踩着他的脚趾。
Yuck! Look what I've just trodden in! 可恶!看我刚才踩到什么了!
A load of food had been trodden into the carpet. 许多吃的东西被踩到地毯里去了。
Before the days of automation, they used to tread grapes to make wine. 在自动化时代到来之前,他们曾用脚踩葡萄酿酒。

literary to walk

He trod heavily and reluctantly up the stairs. 他拖着沉重的脚步,极不情愿地上了楼。
I sometimes see him flash past in his sports car as I tread my weary way (= walk in a tired way) to work. 当我迈着疲惫的脚步去上班时,有时会看见他开着跑车从我身边飞驰而过。
tread water

to float vertically in the water by moving the legs and the arms up and down


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uk /tred/ us /tred/

tread noun (PATTERN ON TYRE)

[ C or U ] the pattern of raised lines on a tyre that prevents a vehicle from sliding on the road

The tread on your tyres is very worn. 你车胎上的花纹都磨损得很厉害了。

tread noun (STEP)

[ S ] the sound that your feet make on the ground as you walk

Then I heard someone's tread on the stairs. 接着我听到楼梯上有脚步声。

[ S ] the horizontal part of a step on which you put your foot


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