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uk /trɪp/ us /trɪp/

trip noun (JOURNEY)

A2 [ C ] a journey in which you go somewhere, usually for a short time, and come back again

The trip from York to Newcastle takes about an hour by train. 乘火车从约克到纽卡斯尔大约要花1个小时。
We're going on a trip to Norway this summer.
I thought we might hire a motorboat and take a trip round/around the bay. 我觉得我们可以租一艘汽艇,绕着海湾兜一圈。
mainly UK We can't afford another trip abroad this year. 今年我们没钱再次去国外旅行。
It's a ten-mile trip from the airport to the hotel. 从机场到市中心有10英里路。
She's away on a business trip and won't be back until next week. 她出差了,下周才回来。
Do you want to go on the school trip to France this year? 今年你想去法国培训吗?
I was thinking we could go on a shopping trip to New York this weekend. 我在想我们周六可以去牛津购物。

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trip noun (FALL)

[ C usually singular ] an occasion when you knock your foot against something and fall or lose your balance, or someone causes you to do this, when you are walking or running

She broke her ankle when she had a nasty trip on the stairs. 她在楼梯上重重地绊了一跤,把脚踝摔断了。

trip noun (EXPERIENCE)

[ C ] slang an experience in which someone sees, hears, or feels things that do not exist as a result of taking an illegal drug

If you take this stuff when you're depressed, you'll have a really bad trip. 如果你心情沮丧时服用这种东西,会产生一种特别不舒服的幻觉。
guilt/power/ego trip disapproving

a period of time when you experience a particular feeling strongly

She's been on a real power trip since she became the office manager. 自从成为办公室主管后,她就一直陶醉在拥有权力的喜悦之中。
I suffer from the classic working mother's guilt trip. 我像众多有工作的妈妈一样对孩子深感歉疚。


uk /trɪp/ us /trɪp/ -pp-

trip verb (LOSE BALANCE)

B2 [ I or T ] to lose your balance after knocking your foot against something when you are walking or running, or to cause someone to do this

He tripped and fell down, grazing his knee. 他绊了个跟头,擦伤了膝盖。
That cable is dangerous. Someone might trip over it. 那根电缆很危险,可能会绊到人。
He was sent off for deliberately tripping Robson when he was about to score. 他因故意绊倒正要起脚射门得分的罗布森而被罚下场。

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trip verb (MOVE)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to move with quick, gentle steps

She looked stunning as she tripped down the stairs in her ball gown. 她身着晚礼服轻盈地走下楼梯,显得光彩照人。

trip verb (SWITCH)

[ T ] to move a switch that operates an electrical system, or to cause such a system to start or stop working by moving a switch

A special system prevents the circuitry from being tripped accidentally by a power surge or lightning strike. 有一种特殊系统防止电路因电力激增或闪电而被意外切断。

trip verb (EXPERIENCE)

[ I ] slang to experience the effects of taking an illegal drug that causes the user to see, hear, or feel things that do not exist

As a student he spent a lot of time tripping out on LSD. 我上学时经常服用迷幻药,为的是体验幻觉。

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