Translation of "trip" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (EXPERIENCE) 体验 uk us /trɪp/

[ C ] slang an experience in which someone sees, hears or feels things that do not exist as a result of taking an illegal drug

If you take this stuff when you're depressed, you'll have a really bad trip. 如果你心情沮丧时服用这种东西,会产生一种特别不舒服的幻觉。
guilt/power/ego trip disapproving

when you experience a particular feeling strongly over a period of time

She's been on a real power trip since she became the office manager. 自从成为办公室主管后,她就一直陶醉在拥有权力的喜悦之中。
I suffer from the classic working mother's guilt trip. 我像众多有工作的妈妈一样对孩子深感歉疚。

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