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troughnoun [ C ]

uk /trɒf/ us /trɑːf/

trough noun [ C ] (CONTAINER)

a long, narrow container without a lid that usually holds water or food for farm animals

cows at the feeding trough 在喂食槽吃草的牛

trough noun [ C ] (LOW POINT)

a low point in a regular series of high and low points

Investing small amounts regularly is a good way of smoothing out the peaks and troughs of the stock market. 定期小额投资是均衡股市高峰和低谷的好办法。

specialized environment (in the study of weather patterns) a long area of low air pressure between two areas of high air pressure

A trough of low pressure over hilly areas will bring heavy thunderstorms overnight. 丘陵地区上空的低气压槽将在一夜之间带来强雷阵雨。


uk /trɒf/ us /trɑːf/ informal

trough verb (EAT)

[ T ] UK to eat something quickly and eagerly, especially in large amounts

She was sitting there troughing chocolate. 她坐在那里大吃巧克力。
noun [ C ] uk /ˈtrɒf.ər/ us /ˈtrɑː.fɚ/ UK informal

someone who eats a lot of food very quickly


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