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us uk /truː/

true adjective (NOT FALSE)

A2 (especially of facts or statements) right and not wrong; correct

[ + that ] Is it true that Mariana and Mark are getting married? 露西和马克真的要结婚吗?
The allegations, if true, could lead to her resignation. 这些指控如果属实的话,可能会导致她辞职。
Her story is only partly true. 她的描述只有部分是真实的。
Would it be true to say that you've never liked Jim? 可以说你从来就没有喜欢过吉姆,对吗?
I suspect she gave a true picture (= accurate description) of what had happened. 我认为她对所发生事情的描述是真实的。
I don't believe these exam results are a true reflection of your abilities. 我认为这些考试结果并没有真实反映你的能力。
The movie is based on the true story of a London gangster. 这部电影是根据伦敦一名犯罪团伙成员的真实故事拍摄的。
She has since admitted that her earlier statement was not strictly (= completely) true. 她后来承认先前所讲的并不完全真实。
It used to be very cheap but that's no longer true (= that situation does not now exist). 这东西以前很便宜,可现在不一样了。
Alcohol should be consumed in moderation, and this is particularly true for pregnant women. 饮酒应适量,对孕妇尤其如此。
Parents of young children often become depressed, and this is especially true of single parents. 年幼孩子的父母常常愁眉苦脸,单身母亲尤其如此。
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More examples

  • But I didn't invent the story - everything I told you is true.
  • Do you think it's true that teenage girls are less self-confident than their male peers?
  • I didn't know whether his story was true or not, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  • Is it true (that) she's gone back to teaching?
  • I hereby certify (that) the above information is true and accurate.

true adjective (REAL)

B1 [ before noun ] being what exists, rather than what was thought, intended, or stated

true love 真爱
a true friend 真正的朋友
There cannot be true democracy without reform of the electoral system. 不进行选举制度的改革就不可能有真正的民主。
The true horror of the accident did not become clear until the morning. 事故到底有多恐怖直到早上才大白于天下。
come true

B1 If a hope, wish, or dream comes true, it happens although it was unlikely that it would.

I'd always dreamed of owning my own house, but I never thought it would come true. 我以前一直梦想拥有属于自己的房子,但从没想到这会成为现实。
After all the problems I'd had getting pregnant, Oliver's birth was a dream come true. 经历了怀孕的所有问题后,奥利弗的出世圆了我的梦。

More examples

  • This scandal raises new questions about the president's true character.
  • It's when something really bad like this happens that you find out who your true friends are.
  • We each give you a definition of the word printed on the card, and you have to say which you think is the true definition.
  • I feel I've found my true vocation.
  • The hero of the film finally finds his true self.

true adjective (SINCERE)

C2 sincere or loyal, and likely to continue to be so in difficult situations

There are few true believers in communism left in the party. 党内忠诚的党员所剩无几。
She has vowed to remain true to the president whatever happens. 她已经宣誓在任何情况下都将效忠于总统。
He said he'd repay the money the next day, and true to his word (= as he had promised), he gave it all back to me the following morning. 他说第二天还钱,果然说到做到,第二天上午就把钱全部还给了我。
be true to yourself

to behave according to your beliefs and do what you think is right

true to form/type

Someone who does something true to form or type behaves as other people would have expected from previous experience.

True to form, when it came to his turn to buy the drinks, he said he'd left his wallet at home. 像往常一样,轮到他买饮料时,他就谎称钱包忘在家里了。

More examples

  • She was a true patriot to the last.
  • He'll be remembered both as a brilliant footballer and as a true sportsman.
  • He has been a true friend to me.
  • She said she would stand by me, and she has been true to her word.
  • His ministers remained true to him throughout the crisis.


[ before noun ] having all the characteristics necessary to be accurately described as something

Only true deer have antlers. 只有纯种鹿才有鹿角。
formal It was said that the portrait was a very true likeness of her (= looked very much like her). 据说,这幅肖像画得非常像她本人。
In true Hollywood style (= in a way that is typical of Hollywood), she's had four marriages and three facelifts. 她结过4次婚,整过3次容——这是典型的好莱坞式的作派。

true adjective (ACCURATE)

[ after verb ] fitted or positioned accurately

None of the drawers were true. 没有一个抽屉装正了位置。

truenoun [ U ]

us uk /truː/
be out of true

to not be in the correct position or to be slightly bent out of the correct shape

This door won't shut. I think the frame must be out of true. 这扇门关不严。我看一定是门框歪了。


us uk /truː/

straight and without moving to either side

Make sure you hit the nails in true. 要确保钉子钉准了。

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