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uk /tjuːn, tʃuːn/ us /tuːn/

tune noun (MUSICAL NOTES)

A2 [ C ] a series of musical notes, especially one that is pleasant and easy to remember

He was humming a tune as he dried the dishes. 他边哼着调子边擦干碗碟。
a theme tune 主题曲
That's a very catchy tune (= easy to remember and pleasant). 那是一首很容易上口的曲子。
in tune

C1 singing or playing notes that are at the right pitch (= level) or that agree with others being sung or played

out of tune

C1 singing or playing notes that are at the wrong pitch (= level) or that do not agree with others being sung or played

The piano is out of tune. 恐怕这架钢琴走调了。

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be in/out of tune with sb/sth

C2 If you are in tune with people or ideas, you understand or agree with them, and if you are out of tune with them, you do not.

Much of his success comes from being in tune with what his customers want. 他的成功很大程度上归功于他契合了顾客的需要。
Her theories were out of tune with the scientific thinking of the time. 她的理论与当时的科学思想不符。

tune noun (AMOUNT)

to the tune of

to the stated amount

The City Council had financed the new building to the tune of over four million pounds. 市政会为建这座新大厦已经出资了400多万英镑。

tune noun (ENGINE)

[ C usually singular ] UK a tune-up


tuneverb [ T ]

uk /tʃuːn/ us /tuːn/

tune verb [ T ] (INSTRUMENT)

to change a part of a musical instrument so that the instrument produces the correct sounds when played

Get into the habit of tuning your guitar every day before you practise. 要养成习惯,每天练习前给吉他调一下音。
She tuned (up) her violin before the concert. 音乐会前她给她的小提琴调了弦。

tune verb [ T ] (RADIO)

to move the controls on a radio, television, etc. so that it receives programmes broadcast from a particular station

Press this button and the video will automatically tune itself to the next channel. 单击这个按钮,录像机会自动调到下一个频道。
His radio is constantly tuned to KROQ-FM, the local rock station. 他的收音机总是锁定在当地摇滚乐台 KROQ-FM上。

tune verb [ T ] (ENGINE)

to make slight changes to an engine so that it works as well as possible

The engine needs tuning, but there's nothing wrong with the car. 发动机确实需要调试了,但汽车没毛病。
Could you tune (up) the engine for me, please? 请帮我调试一下发动机好吗?

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