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uk /tɜːn/ us /tɝːn/

turn verb (GO ROUND)

B2 [ I or T ] to (cause to) move in a circle around a fixed point or line

The earth turns on its axis once every 24 hours. 地球每24小时绕地轴自转一周。
She turned on her toes, holding out her skirt. 她拎起裙摆踮着脚尖旋转。
The wheels started to turn (around). 轮子开始转动了。
Turn the steering wheel as quickly as you can. 以最快速度打轮。
She turned the doorknob and quietly opened the door. 她转动门把手,悄悄地开了门。
Slowly, I turned the door handle. 我慢慢地拧动门把手。

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A2 [ I or T ] to (cause to) change the direction in which you are facing or moving

Turn right at the traffic lights. 在红绿灯处向右拐。
The path twists and turns for the next half mile. 接下来这条小路有半英里的路弯弯曲曲。
We have to turn down/into/up the next road on the right. 我们必须在下一个路口往右拐。
Plants tend to turn towards the source of light. 植物往往朝向光源生长。
She turned to face him. 她转过身面对他。
He turned round and waved to us. 他转身向我们招手。
He turned on his heel (= turned quickly to face the opposite direction) and left the room. 他迅速转身离开了房间。
The person on my left turned to me and whispered "Not another speech!" 我左边的人转向我,耳语道:“可别再来一场演讲!”
His wife tried to speak to him, but he turned his back (on her)/turned away (from her) (= moved so that his back, not his face, was towards her to show his anger). 他的妻子想跟他说话,可他却转过身去不予理睬。
At about three o'clock, the tide started to turn (= the sea started to come closer to or move away from the beach). 大约3点钟,潮水开始涌动。
He turned his head to me to listen. 他转过头来听我讲话。
I'll just turn the car round and go back the way we came. 我这就调转车头,原路返回。
We watched until the car had turned (= gone around) the corner. 我们一直看着那辆车子拐弯后才作罢。
The army turned their guns on (= pointed them at and started to shoot at) the protesters. 军队朝抗议者开枪。
She can turn (= perform) a somersault. 她会空翻。

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B1 [ I or T ] to move, or to move an object or page, so that a different side or surface is on the top

Now turn the page, please, and start work on Exercise 2. 现在请翻到下一页,开始做练习2。
She turned the vase over to look for the price. 她把花瓶翻过来看价格。
He turned over two or three pages. 他翻了两三页。
She put out the light, turned over (= rolled in order to face in another direction) and went to sleep. 她熄了灯,翻了个身,就睡着了。
Now turn to (= open the book at) page 23 and look at the first paragraph. 现在请翻到第23页,看第一段。

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turn verb (BECOME)

B2 [ L, I or T usually + adv/prep ] to (cause to) become, change into, or come to be something

The weather has suddenly turned cold. 天气突然变凉了。
When I refused to pay, he turned nasty. 当我拒绝付钱时,他的态度变得很恶劣。
She turned pale and started to shiver. 她的脸色变得苍白,身子开始颤抖。
The mood of the meeting turned solemn when the extent of the problem became known. 当问题的严重程度披露后,会议的气氛开始变得严肃起来。
The companies worked well together for a while, but eventually the relationship turned sour (= became bad). 这些公司一度合作得很好,但最后关系闹僵了。
Keele, pop star turned business tycoon, has launched a new range of cosmetics. 基尔,从流行音乐歌星摇身成为商业巨子,已经推出了一个新系列的化妆品。
The dry weather turned the soil into/to concrete. 干旱天气使土壤板结。
By the end of September, the leaves have started to turn (= become brown). 到9月底,叶子就开始发黄。
Her attitude turned from politely interested to enthusiastic during the course of our conversation. 在我们谈话期间她的态度发生了转变,先是出于礼貌表示感兴趣,后来就变得很热情。
turn 16, nine o'clock, etc.

C1 to become a particular age or time

She turned 18 last year. 她去年满18岁。
It's just turned ten o'clock. 刚过10点。

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turn verb (SWITCH)

A2 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to use a control to switch a piece of equipment or a power or water supply on or off, or to increase or reduce what it is producing

Turn off/out the light. 关灯。
Who turned the TV on? 谁开的电视?
I asked him to turn down the heating. 我叫他把暖气关小一点。
Turn the sound up - I can't hear what they're saying. 把声音开大一些——我听不清他们在说什么。
The heater turns off (= can be switched off) using this switch. 这种暖气设备的总管道可以关闭。

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turn verb (TWIST)

turn your ankle old-fashioned

to damage the muscles in the foot by suddenly twisting it too strongly

She turned her ankle on the rocks and had to hobble back to camp. 她在石头上崴了脚,不得不蹒跚着走回营地。

turn verb (WOOD)

[ T ] specialized engineering to shape a piece of wood while it is attached to a machine that spins it

a turned bowl 车成的碗


uk /tɜːn/ us /tɝːn/

turn noun (TIME TO DO STH)

B1 [ C ] an opportunity or a duty to do something at a particular time or in a particular order, before or after other people

Is it my turn yet? 轮到我了吗?
[ + to infinitive ] I waited so long for my turn to see the careers adviser that I missed my bus. 我等了很长时间才轮到见就业顾问,结果错过了火车。
It's your turn to do the dishes! 轮到你洗碗了!
In this game if you give the wrong answer you have to miss a turn. 在这个游戏中,如果你回答错了,一次机会就算没了。
take turns B2 UK also take it in turn(s)

When a number of people take turns, they do the same thing one after the other.

We take turns answering the phone. 我们轮流接电话。
in turn C1 also by turns

one after the other in an agreed order

Each of us takes a break in turn. 我们轮流取信。

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turn noun (GO ROUND)

[ C ] an action that causes something to move in a circle round a fixed point

Give the screw a couple of turns to make sure it's tight. 将螺丝拧几下,确保它上紧了。

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B2 [ C ] a change in the direction in which you are moving or facing

When you see the school on the left, make a right turn. 我们一直到了学校那儿,然后不得不向右转。
The path was full of twists and turns. 这条小路弯弯曲曲。
on the turn

Something that is on the turn is about to change direction.

The tide is on the turn. 要涨潮了。
the turn of sth

C2 the point at which something changes or moves in a different direction

the turn of the tide 潮流的转变
She was born around the turn of the century (= around 1900, 2000, etc.). 她出生于世纪之交。

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turn noun (DEVELOPMENT)

take a ... turn

to develop in a particular way

The battle for control of the company took an interesting turn today.
Events took an unexpected turn when her mother suddenly arrived. 她母亲突然到来,情况发生了意想不到的变化。
take a turn for the better/worse

C2 to suddenly become better or worse

Their relationship took a turn for the worse when he lost his job. 他失业后他们的关系变得更糟了。

turn noun (PERFORMANCE)

[ C ] UK a stage act or performance

The first couple of turns were children singing and dancing. 头几个节目是儿童歌舞。

turn noun (ILLNESS)

[ C ] old-fashioned informal a slight illness, a strange feeling, or a nervous shock

After the accident I started having funny turns. 事故后我开始时不时地感到不适。
It gave me quite a turn to see him after all these years. 这么多年以后再看到他真令我感到意外。

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