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turn (sth) over

phrasal verb with turn uk /tɜːn/ us /tɝːn/ verb

to change to a different television station

This programme's boring - can I turn over to BBC2? 这个节目没意思——我要不要换到BBC台上?

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turn sth over

phrasal verb with turn uk /tɜːn/ us /tɝːn/ verb


to use or allow something to be used for a different purpose

Grants are being offered to farmers who agree to turn over their land to parkland. 同意退耕还林的农民将得到拨款补助。


to think about something for a period of time

His father had been turning the idea over in his mind for some time. 他父亲反复考虑这个想法已经有一段时间了。

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