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uk /ˈʌɡ.li/ us /ˈʌɡ.li/

ugly adjective (NOT ATTRACTIVE)

B1 unpleasant to look at; not attractive

I think a lot of modern architecture is very ugly. 我发现很多现代建筑都非常难看。
Yesterday I saw the ugliest baby I've ever seen in my life. 昨天在城里我看见了有生以来见过的最丑的婴儿。
I feel really fat and ugly today. 今天我感觉自己真是又胖又丑。
He was a really unpleasant man and as ugly as sin (= very ugly). 他是一个非常讨厌的人,而且丑得要命。

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ugly adjective (THREATENING)

C2 unpleasant and threatening or violent

There were ugly scenes outside the stadium. 体育场外发生了暴力事件。
The demonstration turned ugly when a group of protesters started to throw bottles at the police. 一群示威者开始向警察投掷瓶子,示威游行于是演变成了暴力事件。

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