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uk /ˈʌp.lɪft/ us /ˈʌp.lɪft/

uplift noun (IMPROVEMENT)

[ U ] formal improvement of a person's moral or spiritual condition

We are counting on your speech, bishop, to give some moral uplift to the delegates. 主教,我们寄希望于您的演讲能够提升代表们的道德境界。

uplift noun (SUPPORT)

[ U ] support or forces that raise an object or hold it up

The wings are designed to provide uplift when the plane is flying horizontally.
an uplift bra

upliftverb [ T ]

uk /ʌpˈlɪft/ us /ʌpˈlɪft/

uplift verb [ T ] (IMPROVE)

to improve a person's moral or spiritual condition


uplift verb [ T ] (RAISE)

specialized engineering to raise something to a higher position


uplift verb [ T ] (COLLECT)

Scottish English to collect goods or people from one place, in order to take them to another

Coaches will set down and uplift passengers only as directed by the police in the streets mentioned. 在上述街道,长途汽车只能在警方指定的地点让乘客上下车。

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