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uk /ˈʌp.raɪt/ us /ˈʌp.raɪt/

upright adjective (STRAIGHT)

B2 straight up or vertical

Please return your seat to an upright position and fasten your belt. 请把坐椅恢复到竖直位置并系好安全带。

used to refer to something that is taller than it is wide

an upright freezer/vacuum cleaner 立式冰箱/吸尘器

More examples

  • Keep the bottles upright.
  • He was sitting in an upright position in the bed, propped up by pillows.
  • I have a bad back so an upright chair is more comfortable.
  • an upright posture/stance
  • Seats should be in the upright position during take-off and landing.

upright adjective (MORAL)

approving honest, responsible, and moral

She behaved as any upright citizen would have under the circumstances. 她在这种情况下的做法和所有正直公民一样。


uk /ˈʌp.raɪt/ us /ˈʌp.raɪt/

B2 vertical and as straight as possible

to sit/stand upright 坐直/站直
The sound of breaking glass made her sit bolt upright (= sit with her back straight). 听到玻璃破碎的声音她一下子坐直了起来。

uprightnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈʌp.raɪt/ us /ˈʌp.raɪt/

a vertical part of something that supports other parts

Firmly secure the two uprights to opposite walls in the alcove and then fit the shelves in between them. 先在两边墙壁的凹处固定住两根柱子,然后把搁板插进去装好。

UK informal for goalpost


also upright piano a piano in which the strings are vertical


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