Translation of "value" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C or U ] (MONEY) uk us /ˈvæl.juː/

the amount of money which can be received for something

She had already sold everything of value that she possessed. 她已经把自己所有值钱的东西都卖了。
What is the value of the prize? 那个奖项有多少奖金?
The value of the pound fell against other European currencies yesterday. 昨天英镑对其他欧洲货币的比价下挫。
Property values have fallen since the plans for the airport were published. 建造机场的计划公布以来,房地产价格已经下跌。
I thought the offer was good value (for money)/US also a good value (= a lot was offered for the amount of money paid). 我认为这个报价很合算。

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