Translation of "verse" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /vɜːs/ US  /vɝːs/

[ U ] writing which is arranged in short lines with a regular rhythm; poetry

comic/light/satirical verse 打油/谐趣/讽刺诗
Shakespeare wrote mostly in verse. 莎士比亚主要用韵文来写作。

[ C ] one of the parts into which a poem or song is divided

Each verse was sung as a solo and then everyone joined in on the chorus. 每一节都以独唱形式演唱,然后所有人一同合唱。

[ C ] one of the series of short parts into which the writing of a holy book is divided

She recited a verse from the Bible/the Koran. 她背诵了《圣经》/《古兰经》里的一节。

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