Translation of "voice" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (OPINION) 观点 uk us /vɔɪs/

[ C often singular, U ] (the right to) an expression of opinion

There was only one dissenting voice during the discussion. 讨论中只有一个不同的声音。
Unfortunately a strike was the only way to make our voices heard. 不幸的是,罢工是唯一能让人听到我们呼声的方法。
The committee represents the voice of the students. 那个委员会代表了学生的意愿。
Developing countries are demanding a stronger voice (= right to express opinions) in the debate. 发展中国家正要求在辩论中拥有更多的发言权。

[ S ] an important quality or opinion which someone expresses, or the person who is able to express it

She just won't listen to the voice of reason. 她就是不愿意倾听理智的声音。
I wouldn't work for Peter if I were you - this is the voice of experience talking! 我要是你的话就不会为彼得工作——这可是经验之谈!

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