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warningnoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈwɔː.nɪŋ/ us /ˈwɔːr.nɪŋ/

B1 something that makes you understand there is a possible danger or problem, especially one in the future

Completely without warning, he turned up at my door with all four children! 事先都没说一声,他就带着全部4个孩子出现在我的门口!
There's a warning on the cigarette packet that says "Cigarettes cause cancer". 香烟的包装盒上有一条警告:“烟草严重危害健康。”
I'm not surprised you feel sick after eating so much - let it be a warning to you! 你感觉不舒服我一点也不意外——就权当是对你的一个警告吧!
Just a word of warning - restaurants in this area can be very expensive. 只是提醒一句——这一带的饭馆都特别贵。
formal The Health Minister issued a warning about the dangers of sunbathing. 政府今天就日光浴的潜在危险发布了一条警告。
They can't dismiss you just like that - they have to give you a written warning first. 他们不能那样就把你解雇了——他们必须事先给你一份书面警告。
The police fired warning shots but the rioting continued. 警方鸣枪示警,但示威者根本不予理会。
warning sign

a physical condition that shows someone has a disease

The warning signs of the illness are respiratory problems and dizziness. 预示可能患有这种疾病的症状是呼吸困难和头晕。

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