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uk /weɪst/ us /weɪst/

waste noun (BAD USE)

B1 [ S or U ] an unnecessary or wrong use of money, substances, time, energy, abilities, etc.

That meeting achieved absolutely nothing - it was a complete waste of time. 那次会议根本没有取得什么成果——纯粹是浪费时间。
She's been unemployed for two years and it's such a waste of her talents. 她已经失业两年了,这纯粹是浪费她的才华。
My mother couldn't stand waste - she always made us eat everything on our plates. 我母亲不能容忍浪费——她总是让我们吃光自己盘子里的所有东西。
go to waste

to not be used, eaten, etc.

You can even make stock from the bones, so that nothing goes to waste.

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waste noun (UNWANTED MATTER)

B1 [ C or U ] unwanted matter or material of any type, especially what is left after useful substances or parts have been removed

This city produces 20 million tons of household waste each year.
He opposes any kind of nuclear waste being dumped at sea. 他反对将任何一种核废料倾倒入海中。
Millions of gallons of untreated human waste (= excrement) flow into the river every day. 每天都有3000万吨未经处理的人类粪便从华雷斯城排入格兰德河。
Oil spills are common, as is the dumping of toxic industrial wastes. 溢油现象很常见,就像倾倒有毒工业废料一样。
The Japanese recycle more than half of their waste paper. 日本人对他们一半以上的废纸进行回收。

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waste noun (EMPTY GROUND)

waste ground mainly UK

an area of ground in or near a city that is not built on or used in any way

His body had been dumped in an area of waste ground just outside the city. 他的尸体被胡乱地抛在了城外的一片荒地里。
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wastes [ plural ]

large areas of land that are not used to grow crops and have few living animals or plants

the Arctic wastes of northern Siberia 西伯利亚北部的极地荒原地区


wasteverb [ T ]

uk /weɪst/ us /weɪst/

waste verb [ T ] (USE BADLY)

B1 to use too much of something or use something badly when there is a limited amount of it

You waste a lot of water by taking a bath instead of a shower. 洗盆浴而不洗淋浴,你会浪费大量的水。
Come on, let's get started - we've wasted enough time already. 快点儿,我们开始吧——我们已经浪费了不少时间了。
Don't waste your money on such junk. 亲爱的,别在我身上浪费钱了,你自己留着吧。

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waste verb [ T ] (KILL)

US slang to kill someone


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