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uk /ˈwɔː.tə.ʃed/ us /ˈwɑː.t̬ɚ.ʃed/

watershed noun (BIG CHANGE)

[ S ] an event or period that is important because it represents a big change in how people do or think about something

The year 1969 was a watershed in her life - she changed her career and remarried. 1969年是她人生的一个转折点——她改了行,也更换了伴侣。

watershed noun (HIGH GROUND)

[ C ] specialized geography an area of high ground from which water flows down to a river


watershed noun (TELEVISION)

the watershed [ S ] UK

in Britain, the time in the evening, usually 9 p.m., when television programmes that are not suitable for children may start to be shown


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