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waveverb [ I or T ]

uk /weɪv/ us /weɪv/

wave verb [ I or T ] (MOVE HAND)

B1 to raise your hand and move it from side to side as a way of greeting someone, telling someone to do something, or adding emphasis to an expression

I waved to/at him from the window but he didn't see me. 我从窗口向他招手,可他没看见我。
I was waving my hand like mad but he never once looked in my direction. 我疯狂地挥手,可他连看也没朝我这边看一眼。
She was so annoyed she wouldn't even wave us goodbye/wave goodbye to us. 她极为恼火,甚至都不愿向我们挥手道别。
She waves her hands about/around a lot when she's talking. 她说话时手总在比划着。
wave sb away, on, etc.

to make a movement with your hand that tells someone to move in a particular direction

You'll have to wait till the policeman waves the car on. 你得一直等到警察挥手示意这队车辆继续前行。
You can't just wave me away as if I were a child! 你不能就那么挥挥手像打发小孩子一样把我赶走!

More examples

  • He would always turn and wave at the end of the street.
  • They waved at us as we drove by.
  • Mary waved at the man but he didn't seem to notice.
  • She suddenly espied someone waving at her from the window.
  • I wished her a safe journey and waved her off.

wave verb [ I or T ] (MOVE REPEATEDLY)

C1 to move from side to side, or to make something move like this while holding it in the hand

The corn waved gently in the summer breeze. 谷物在夏日微风中轻轻摆动。
A crowd of people ran down the street waving banners. 一群足球迷挥舞着横幅沿着街道一路奔走而去。
He seems to think I can wave a magic wand and everything will be all right. 他似乎认为我只要挥一挥魔杖一切就都会解决了。

wave verb [ I or T ] (CURL HAIR)

If hair waves, it curls slightly.

If she leaves her hair to dry on its own, it just waves naturally. 如果她让头发自己干的话,就会自然卷曲。

wavenoun [ C ]

uk /weɪv/ us /weɪv/

wave noun [ C ] (WATER)

B1 a raised line of water that moves across the surface of an area of water, especially the sea

At night, I listened to the sound of the waves breaking/crashing against the shore. 夜里,我倾听着浪花拍击海岸的声音。

More examples

  • A large wave swept away half the sandcastle.
  • The boat was swamped by an enormous wave.
  • Wind and wave power are now being seriously canvassed as the solution to our energy problems.
  • A huge wave capsized the yacht.
  • The murmur of the waves on the beach lulled me to sleep.

wave noun [ C ] (HAND MOVEMENT)

C2 the action of raising your hand and moving it from side to side as a way of greeting someone, etc.

Give Grandpa a wave. 跟爷爷挥手告别,艾丽斯,你要等到下个星期才会再见他。

wave noun [ C ] (BY A CROWD)

the Wave

US UK Mexican wave a wave-like movement made by a crowd watching a sports game, when everyone stands and lifts up their arms and then sits down again one after another

The crowd did the Wave. 人群中做出了一个墨西哥人浪。

wave noun [ C ] (ENERGY)

B2 the pattern in which some types of energy, such as sound, light, and heat, are spread or carried

radio waves 无线电波

More examples

  • The microphone converts acoustic waves to electrical signals for transmission.
  • The unit emits an electromagnetic wave.
  • Radio Seven transmits on 201 medium wave.
  • Waves of light and sound are transmitted in every direction.
  • These sound waves travel at over 1000 feet per second.

wave noun [ C ] (LARGE NUMBER)

C2 a larger than usual number of events of a similar, often bad, type, happening within the same period

a crime wave 犯罪率的激增
The country was swept by a wave of protests. 20世纪70年代,这个国家在席卷全国的罢工浪潮中几近崩溃。
a new, second, etc. wave of sth

an activity that is happening again or is being repeated after a pause

A new wave of job losses is expected this year. 预计今年可能会出现新一波的失业高潮。

More examples

  • The Met Office says that the heat wave will continue for most of the week.
  • The vineyard is representative of the new wave of wine producers.
  • Wave on wave of refugees has crossed the border to escape the fighting.
  • This recent wave of terrorism has ruled out any chance of peace talks.
  • A wave of strikes swept the country.

wave noun [ C ] (STRONG FEELING)

C2 A wave of an emotion or feeling is a sudden strong feeling that gets stronger as it spreads.

A wave of panic swept through the crowd. 恐慌情绪在人群中蔓延,人们开始四散奔逃。
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wave noun [ C ] (HAIR CURVES)

a series of slight curves in a person's hair

Your hair has a natural wave, but mine's just straight. 你的头发是自来卷,而我的却直挺挺的了无生气。
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