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uk /ˈwɪə.ri/ us /ˈwɪr.i/

C2 very tired, especially after working hard for a long time

I think he's a little weary after his long journey. 我想他在长途旅行后有些疲倦了。
Here, sit down and rest your weary legs. 来,坐下歇歇脚。
weary of

C2 bored with something because you have experienced too much of it

I've been going out with the same people to the same places for years and I've just grown weary of it. 多年来一直和同一批人去同一所俱乐部,我已经开始感到厌倦了。


uk /ˈwɪə.ri/ us /ˈwɪr.i/ formal

[ T ] to make someone feel tired

Children weary me with their constant questions and demands. 孩子们整天不停地问这要那,真把我累坏了。

[ I ] to start to feel that something or someone is boring

Some people never seem to weary of eating the same type of food every day. 有的人似乎每天吃同样的食物也不会厌烦。

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