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weathernoun [ U ]

uk /ˈweð.ər/ us /ˈweð.ɚ/

A1 the conditions in the air above the earth such as wind, rain, or temperature, especially at a particular time over a particular area

bad/good/cold/dry/hot/stormy/warm/wet/etc. weather 坏/好/冷的/干燥的/炎热的/暴风雨/温暖的/潮湿的天气等
The weather in the mountains can change very quickly, so take appropriate clothing. 山里的天气瞬息万变,所以要带上合适的衣服。
We're going to have a picnic, weather permitting (= if the weather is good enough). 如果天气好的话,我们打算去野餐。

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uk /ˈweð.ər/ us /ˈweð.ɚ/

weather verb (DEAL WITH)

[ T ] to deal successfully with a difficult situation or a problem

As a small new company they did well to weather the recession. 作为一家新成立的小公司,他们成功地度过了经济衰退期。

weather verb (AIR CONDITIONS)

[ I or T ] to change in colour or form over a period of time because of the effects of sun, wind, or other weather conditions

Rock is weathered by the action of ice and changes in temperature. 冰的作用和温度的变化使得岩石受到了侵蚀。
The paint on the outside walls has weathered badly (= has changed and been damaged by the weather). 外墙上的油漆风吹日晒褪色得很厉害。

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