Translation of "wheel" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /wiːl/

[ C ] a circular object connected at the centre to a bar, which is used for making vehicles or parts of machines move

I got my bag caught in the wheel of my bicycle. 我的书包被绞进了自行车车轮里。
He lost control of his car when a front/rear wheel hit a stone as he approached the first bend. 在快到第一个转弯处时他的汽车前/后轮碰到了一块石头,失去了控制。
→ See also Ferris wheel , flywheel , waterwheel
on wheels

Something that is on wheels has wheels under it so that it can be pulled or pushed along

My suitcase is on wheels so that makes life a little easier. 我的旅行箱装有轮子,所以用起来省力一些。
I bought my niece one of those toy dogs on wheels. 我给我侄子买了个那种带轮子的玩具狗。
the wheel

a steering wheel (= a wheel inside a vehicle, which the driver turns to make the vehicle go in a particular direction)

Keep your hands on the wheel!, 手不要离开方向盘!
I never feel safe with Richard at/behind the wheel (= driving). 理查德德开车我就从没有放过心。
Do you think you could take the wheel (= drive) for a couple of hours? 你能不能来开几个小时车?

[ C ] a wooden or metal wheel which is turned to make a ship go in a particular direction

wheels [ plural ] old-fashioned informal

a car

I've got to get some wheels - this public transport system's a joke! 我得买辆车了——这公交系统真是糟糕!

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